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HO Scale Absolute RDC Project

Budd RDC-1 - American Versions

NHRHTA Collection

Our American RDC models feature numerous roadname-specific details, including two different blister designs for the Phase 1 units; etched window safety grills; shop-built headlight assemblies; pilots or no pilots as appropriate; accurate interior colors for each roadname; and diaphragms.

Most importantly, all of our RDCs feature full interiors; full underbody equipment; lit numberboards, headlight and class lights; and the option of amazingly accurate sound .You can reserve the RDC with your dealer or directly with us.

Scale Budd RDC-1 - Canadian Versions

Kaluza-Mueller Collection

Like so many other prototype locomotives, Canada's RDCs tended to be just a little bit different. Our Canadian RDC models feature accurate Canuck modifications, such as the unusual headlight and number board assembly used on CN's Phase 1 units, as well as accurate Canadian horns and diaphragms.


  • Accurate Phase 1 and Phase 2 details and fluting
  • Correct Phase 1b, Phase 1c and Phase 2 roof blisters
  • Numerous American and Canadian paint schemes
  • Rapido's acclaimed "stainless steel" finish
  • Full interior detail with constant lighting
  • Two five-pole, skew-wound motors hidden in the actual engine bays
  • Crazy amount of underbody detail
  • Separate underframe piping and conduit
  • Lit number boards and class lights
  • Optional working front door Mars light, if appropriate
  • Fabricated or cast truck sideframes, as appropriate
  • All wheels powered
  • Separate grab irons and front door chains
  • Etched-metal roof grills and fan covers
  • Wrap-around nose fluting, if appropriate
  • Separate diaphragms, if appropriate
  • Loads of roadname-specific details
  • DC Silent or DC/DCC/Sound
  • Rapido RDC Underframe with CRAZY underbody detail - a Rapido hallmark.


(Larger Photo)

RDC-1 (Phase 2) DC/DCC/Sound
Canadian National (Delivery)

Retail $325.00
Discount Price $275.00

Ships Same/Next Day


(Larger Photo)

RDC-1 (Phase 2) DC/DCC/Sound
Canadian Pacific Dominion Atlantic

Retail $325.00
Discount Price $275.00

Ships out in 4 to 6 Day's


(Larger Photo)

RDC-1 (Phase 1b) DC/DCC/Sound
Pacific Great Eastern
Retail $325.00
Discount Price $275.00

Ships out in 4 to 6 Day's